Is to bring women together along the value chain of coffee and develop a platform, which advances the understanding of women about the quality and the value of the product they produce through information exchange and networking.
Has the vision to a professional association spearheading the advancement of women in coffee economically, professionally, and socially.
To advocate gender equality, improve the economic condition of women in the coffee value chain, forming partnerships and networking to be competitive actors in international trade.

EWiC in Brief

Ethiopian Women in Coffee is a sectoral association founded by Ethiopian women in the coffee value chain starting from farmers to end product delivery.

EWiC has got its legal status with the vision of support and empower women in the coffee value chain, who are coffee exporters, growers, processors, traders, roasters (in local and export market), coffee professionals & cuppers to be visible and assist their business to be profitable by using different interventions such as training packages in international Coffee trade, marketing, agricultural practices, pre and post-harvest management, cupping, networking, advocacy and finally bridge them to the international market.

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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

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Now is time for the Coffee Sector to bring the economic benefit to the nation and in particular to women who undertake over 70% of the work from-farm-to-cup. 

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