Strategic areas  

  1. Strengthen and continue to work on providing training and capacity building
  2. Inclusion and representation: Increase representation and number of members to 150. We will work to achieve women in the value chain; especially farmers in the remote areas are involved directly or represented. We will work to include men and youth to achieve positive impact through empowered communities.
  1. We will work to sustain good relationships with stakeholders and partners . This will attract more organizations and impact the lives of women in a positive way. This can be carried out through cost effective information technologies, which can be visible for those who share and support our vision.
  2. We will work to provide information on the existing and prospective markets of coffee in the value chain.
  3. We will research and survey the problems, which will provide a clear view of what women in the value chain want to be more successful.
  4. We will work to create link with international coffee buyers.
  5. We will work towards increasing efficiency and effectiveness in producing quality coffee through training and capacity building.